Under the Kitchen

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UTK Studio '06

Under the Kitchen

In the early oughts, Under the KItchen was evolving in various basements. In 2006, we recorded in the basement studio of Johnny "Money" Purciarello. For many years, the only time UTK was above ground was when they played gin mills and joints in the city and northwestern suburbs of Chicagoland. Who knows when they might play again?

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Mostly Live

Except for Painkiller, these are all from Live performances recorded with an ambient mic.

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1/21/12 Fat Tone Guitars—Northbrook, IL

11/20/10 Gallery Cabaret

A Night at the Gallery Cabaret with UTK 

This is the place...

The Gallery Cabaret 2020 N. Oakley in Chicago


You might think that it’s the location of just another 2-bit UTK gig in a wonderfully wacky, neighborhood bar...


Popular viewing angle


But it's more than that.

In The Groove

We are in the Petri dish of existentialism.

The decor is busy with outsider art.

We are in the ghastly glow of a parallel planet.

Pilsen visualist Vasili G executes a self-portrait with UTK crowd. He took many of the shots seen here.


We are in a great place to take a New Zealand tourist with an expired passport.
There's live music 7 nights a week. With no cover.

You got that right!

We are in the best place to catch UTK for one of our tightly disheveled performances. 

UTK on auto pilot

You know you’re not in the suburbs anymore when you’re in the GalCab.
You’re far from the boondocks, too. The nearest wild animal is a rat in the alley.



If you have hair, this is a good place to let it down.


The girls can't help it.

They could have stayed home. But they didn't.

Toasting the success of another Saturday night

Regulars relaxing between drinks





This is the place...

Parking is usually no problem. A block east of Western Ave. and a block north of Armitage. 



Checkoutthemother 8/01/09 Lindy's Landing

Staring at a Screen 1/29/11 Gallery Cabar

Electric Guitar