From 1985-1994, engineer savant, Mitch Rosenow, and I began recording at his home studio in Lee's Summit, MO. Mitch was like a mad scientist in his sonic laboratory. Over the years, we had more than a dozen sessions resulting in over twenty tunes produced and tweaked with Mitch’s sonic touch. We referred to the collection as, Getouttayermind, one of the tune titles. Sure, we talked about notoriety for the tunes but mainly we were trying to please each other. Very un-pop. A few tunes got a couple of spins on various Chicago radio stations and the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show. These humorous, preposterous, esoteric songs represented my little dent in the universe, a balm to the soul, a wonderful elixir for a guy, who at the time, was stuck in a job going nowhere. Making music was my lifeline. Listen with headphones. (This collection is my all time favorite.)